Beginning to reflect

I recall the story line from a lot of movies where the main character has some sort of experience and finds himself at a kind of cross road where he has some kind of opportunity to change the pathway of his life. Other movies show the main character presented with an alternative path way and their life is changed from their current pathway, but the story line of the movie can flip between one pathway and the other.  I think real people usually don’t get the chance to change path ways too often and spend much of their lives inside their own, private protective bubble.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and today people can use our modern technologies -like the internet – to seek out others with similar interests and find things that interest them.  I think this is exactly what “narrow casting” is all about – in previous years we only had broad casting, so everyone viewed things pretty much the same way and it was harder to be a little bit different.

At this stage I feel that I am at a round about rather than a cross road.  Round a bouts are good because you can keep going around until you make a decision on which path you want to travel.  There are lots of reasons to keep you travelling around the round about.  At the moment I think that the ideas of deep adaptation are causing considerable reflection and planning.  I say this because I have spent the majority of my working life in the area of technical development in the mining and energy industry and now more than ever feel I have spent my working life within a  protective bubble.  Technical people have developed a whole range of processing options to present to our “clients”, kind of like the way the chef in a restaurant can develop an absolutely fantastic menu.  Clients can choose from the range of options presented to them and make their decisions based on a whole range of reasons.   Just like with restaurants and menu styles, there are a lot of technical processing options but the client always gets to make the choice.  I know a lot of older technical people and have had some very interesting conversations regarding technological development. I kind of feel guilty because the industries I have been involved with are the ones identified as causing the problems that bring about the need for deep adaptation.  I am currently on the round about trying to work out what I should do next.

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